Professional golfers now consider fitness an integral part of their training program. A well designed fitness program enables faster recovery, higher club head speed, and easier swing changes. The challenge is building a program that challenges a golfer enough to improve but, not so much that his body breaks down.

Fitness Assessment

Golf swings blend a combination of movements. Your hips, your spine, and your shoulders all directly influence your golf swing abilities. Do you know how your body is influencing your golf swing? The assessment evaluates your strength, flexibility and coordination (the most important) for each key area in the golf swing. With a clear understanding of your body, you will be able to maximize your training time and be certain that your program will not negatively change your golf swing. PGA Tour player Charles Howell III says, “I have been to many teachers around the country, all of which I have learned from, but Tyler is unique in that he has the ability to tie it all together. For me, he was able to clear my mind from useless clutter and get straight to the cause of my issues. He gave me drills and a gym routine to help my body support what I am doing on the golf course. And, because of his help in organizing my work, my mind is clearer on the course.”

One Hour Fitness Assessment with Tyler Ferrell: $150 (members and juniors $125)

3D Golf Swing Assessment

If you’re not measuring, you’re just guessing. With 3D motion analysis, your swing is measured. Actual measurement reveals the exact speed, timing, range of motion, and sequence of motion for each segment in the body. With these precise measurements, Tyler has an advantage in selecting the specific trigger for your swing issue. No more guessing about your swing (as in what can happen with video). 3D motion can quantify and track your swing improvement. 3D data explains why funky swings, like Jordan Speith’s, work just as well as clean swings, like Jason Day’s. With 3D data, swing changes are not just to make it look pretty. Every suggestion reflects an easily understood connection to frustrating golf pain. PGA short game guru Stan Utley says, “In my opinion, Tyler is one of the most knowledgeable people in the world concerning the hand and arm movements in the golf swing.”

Key 3D Graphs reveal

  • How your body creates power
  • What wrist movements you do, and in what order
  • Which of the 3 types of cast patterns you have
  • Which of the 2 types of sway patterns you have

One Hour Consultation with Tyler Ferrell: $150 (members $135 and juniors $125)
90 minute 3D Swing Assessment with Tyler Ferrell: $250 (members and juniors $225)
90 minute 3D Swing Assessment and additional 90 min follow up with Tyler Ferrell: $400 (members and juniors $360)

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