Troy Sidabras

Troy Sidabras has been a teaching professional since 2012 but has been actively engaged in the game since he was 9 years old. By the time Troy graduated High school he was ranked nationally from his training at the David Leadbetter Golf Academy which earned him a 4-year Division 1 scholarship. After graduating, Troy moved to FL to play golf professionally. In addition to his on-course experience, Troy was a Teaching Professional at Golf TEC where he was featured on the Golf Channels “The Fix” and also has taught at Common Ground Golf Course in Colorado, home of the Colorado Golf Association. Troy utilizes the Trackman Technology in all his lessons which will helps to have real time data in understanding your faults and strengths. Troy recently re-located from Colorado to Houston and is very excited about joining the Mike McGetrick Golf Academy to help everyone reach their best golfing potential!

Troy believes the less manipulation you have throughout your swing the better chance you have of a consistent impact position. Troy has an outgoing personality which keeps his teaching fun and relaxed. If you are struggling with hitting greens and making solid contact, please reach out today to help improve your game!